Liv Judd Soye

On-Air Style, Beauty and Lifestyle Expert


Liv Judd is a fashion, beauty, celebrity and lifestyle expert with more than 10 years of experience in the industry. She has worked for and contributed to publications such as Chatelaine, Flare, Hello Canada, LOULOU, and Cosmetics. In 2014 she was named one of Hello Magazine’s 50 best dressed Canadians and also graced the cover of Today’s Parent magazine. Liv scours the retail landscape for the hottest emerging trends in fashion and beauty. She uses her sixth sense for stylish value to help her fashionista followers ensure they have essential items that are current and worthy of their price tag.


Liv is a familiar face on television programs across Canada and has been a featured style and beauty expert on TV networks such as CTV, CBC, CityTV, E! Canada, and Global, including regular appearances on national morning and daytime talk shows, celebrity and news programs such as Entertainment Tonight Canada, Breakfast TV, Canada AM, Cityline, CTV Morning Live, Steven and Chris, eTalk, Urban Rush, Daytime, The Goods and The Shopping Channel. She also regularly interviews celebrities (among her favorites: interviews with Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry, Mark Wahlberg, Adriana Lima, and Liv Tyler).


Liv’s interests and expertise stretch beyond fashion, beauty and celebrity, and include exquisite food and exotic travel. Her mother, a Norwegian-born chef, was the head of catering at Harrods in London when she met Liv’s father, a physician and wine connoisseur with a boundless drive to explore the world. Under their influence, Liv developed an appreciation for fine food, whether home-made or selected from a menu, and a thirst for travel that she has sought to quench (unsuccessfully) as far afield as South East Asia and practically all of Western and Northern Europe.


Born in Saskatchewan, she has lived in Norway and began her career in New York. She now lives in Toronto with her husband Brian, their two daughters Malin and Vendela.